I’ve been intrigued by the grind king trucks for a little while now. After returning to skateboarding with a friend in our 30’s, my friend was rocking his 20y old grind king trucks. This had me curious about their performance. As a result, I found myself buying some grind king disruptors in black, sized 5.5 for my 8.25 deck. Lets see how I got on with these.

Grindking Disruptor Trucks Overview

The disruptor trucks are created by Grind King https://shop.grindking.com/, and they have been around for 30+ years. The big thing about Grind King is that they invented the inverted kingpin to assist with grinding, so with this in mind I really wanted to test them out.

Now the thing that stands out is the kingpin, it’s low. Nothing like what I’ve dealt with in the past. I think this is quite cool, but it needs to be tested to see if there is an impact to my grinding.

Grindking Disruptor Trucks Review Overview
Grindking Disruptor Trucks Review Overview

I also like the colour, because I was looking for something different to the basic metal colour you get on standard trucks, but I didnt want to go to something radical like red etc. Therefore finding a pair of GrindKings in black was a nice idea.

Grindking Disruptor Trucks Quality Logo
Grindking Disruptor Trucks Quality Logo

Worth also highlighting here was that I purchased these from https://www.skatewarehouse.co.uk/ and the packaging was terrible. I also purchased a pair of Rampage Pink trucks for my daughter and they had great packaging. I am not sure if this was a result of SkateWarehouse or Grind King. Either way it was highly disappointing that trucks worth 50GBP has worse packaging than trucks worth 15GBP.

Grindking Disruptor Trucks Turning and Manoeuvrability:

The trucks come with some bright orange bushings, which I’m not sure of the strength. I’m used to having hard bushings, so at the moment whilst I work these in, they feel very soft. The softness could be beneficial for those that ride bowls or transition, but for my street skating and flip tricks, I think they’re way to soft. I’ll bed them in, slowly tightening them and see how I get on. If no improvement is seen, then I’ll replace the bushings with something harder.

Update: I’ve been riding these for a few weeks now, I’ve got them tightened to my preference and I’m now starting to like the feel. I have my flips down, I can carve quite nicely and I can tiktak very easily. The kick turns on the banks and quarters also feel quite natural again at this point.

Grindking Disruptor Trucks Grinding Performance:

I’ve had a little play with the Disruptors now, and I can say that they feel much better on the grinding than the default Element trucks I had previously. This is a blessing and a curse. Firstly on my 50/50s’ its great I slide so easily and it’s like butter, but when I go for a crooked grind, I slide straight out, this makes me wonder if my old king pin was helping with stability in some way. Fingers crossed I can get past this with some practice. Overall, do they grind, yes definitely and possibly too well.

Grindking Disruptor Trucks Material Quality:

Huge pain point at this part of my review. I’m UK based and these things need a 1/2 size Allen key. Standard Allen key sets dont include a 5.5mm Allen key. This is needed for the trucks. Normal skate tools also dont include this. You have been warned. I took my trucks to a the park and put them on when I arrived only to realise I had no means to tighten them.

Message for #Grindking include a 5.5mm key in future with your trucks, it costs you nothing hardly and I’d pay an extra dollar/pound for this. I had to source an Allen key on eBay and wait for it to be shipped (This is a huge off put and I almost swapped my trucks back over). My friends trucks that are 20 years old even use a 5.5mm key. Feels like you exclude it to increase sales of your own tools (this is a cheap sales tactic if this is whats happening).

After a few weeks of riding these, they look to be quite strong and honestly they’re holding up well. They only appear to be really scratched where the trucks have collided with a material (e.g. grinding).

Grindking Disruptor Trucks Grinding Performance
Grindking Disruptor Trucks Grinding Performance

Grindking Disruptor Trucks Weight

Weight of trucks appears to be a big thing for some people, and as a result, some will buy hollow trucks or titanium etc. Now the disruptor trucks I believe are made of Aluminium and to be fair feel the same weight as the elements I was using before.


I wanted to provide a quick summary of the Disruptor trucks by GrindKing and say, they grind very well. They’re a standard weight, but have a huge pain point, which is the tools needed to assemble and adjust the trucks. In the USA this likely isnt a problem, but in the UK the key size is hard to find. Good luck everyone, and grind like you never have before on these things.


Note: My current setup is:

Deck: Disconnect Water Element Deck

Wheels: OJ Elite DressenĀ 

Bearings: Bones Reds Big Balls

Trucks: Grindking Disruptors

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