North Shields Skate Park has to be my favourite out of all the parks in North Tyneside, because it has some great features even though it has some major flaws. Below is my review of the skate park, and information provided so you can also find it and go skate it.

Address of North Shields Skate Park:

North Shields Skate Park Aka The Parks Skate Park
The Parks Sports Centre
Howden Road
North Shields
NE29 6TL
United Kingdom

North Shields Skate Park Dates:

The skate park opened in 2010

It was then extended in 2018 by adding a bowl

Developer Of North Shields Skate Park:


Lighting at North Shields Skate Park:

No lighting (Which sucks, this would be a perfect park to light up with flood lights). #NTCouncilTeam you need to fix this, if you did the park would be better than South Shields.

Getting to North Shields Skate Park:

Car Parking: Yes, free gravel/waste land, right beside the skate park

Public Transport: Meadow well Metro station is about a 5-10 minute skate from the park. There’s also a collection of bus stops near the park on the road that runs past.

Style of North Shields Skate Park:

Terrain: Smooth concrete, which is actually very nice to skate. It’s smooth and therefore fast, but I find it very rare to slide out on it. It has to be one of the better surfaces around on local parks

Sections: Street, transition, bowl, rainbow rail, 4 set of stairs.


North Shields Skate Park
North Shields Skate Park

Positives and Negatives of North Shields Skate Parks:

Negatives: No lighting. The land also drains into the park (so if it’s been raining, the park will be wet). The small quarter, is ridiculously steep, and therefore not something you should teach kids to drop in on (I say this as a warning!). These two negatives I think are purely caused by a lack of budget for the park, alongside failure to maintain it.

Positives: There are some lovely ledges, admittedly they’re starting to rust, but they’re nice. The two that really stand out, are of different heights and about 3-4m long, so you can get a good grind on them if you’re able to get into them. The bowl is nicely done as well, although you need to brush it out first, because the local youth often throw things in, and occasionally have a fire in there.

Another really good positive, is that you get some of the local skaters in here. It’s quite liked by a few of the locals, some who focus on just the bowl, others on the transition and me on the street things. Therefore I regularly bump into people, and you get to have a good chat etc.

If you’re local why not check out Panama Skate Park as well

North Shields Skate Park Bowl
North Shields Skate Park Bowl
North Shields Skate Park Street Section
North Shields Skate Park Street Section
North Shields Skate Park Panorama
North Shields Skate Park Panorama
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