The game of SKATE has been around for quite some time now, and it’s a popular game to play when out on the street or in a park. Therefore it’s rare when you come across a person at the park who doesn’t know of it. Lets use this post to explore how to play a SKATE. From what we can tell, the game SKATE originates from Southern California and probably was invented somewhere between the 1970s and 1990s. Therefore the impact game SKATE has had on the sport is significant.

Now the game itself is relatively simple, but really helps push a persons progression in their skateboarding because it’s a game. There’s always a winner and a loser, and who wants to lose really? Therefore skateboarders always want to improve their skateboarding tricks if they’re willing to play a game of SKATE, so that they can win.

SKATE tends to involve two skateboarders, but you could always include more (the more skateboarders, the longer the game will take). One player will start and select a trick, they then must land it and the second player must copy. If either of them fail to perform the trick, they are punished by receiving a letter from the word SKATE, so for example if on my first go I failed to complete a kickflip, I’d get the letter S. The first person to spell the full word SKATE then loses the game.

As you can imagine the game of SKATE and how to play it quickly took off in the skateboarding community and globally it became an accepted way to challenge someone to see who was better, to push each other to develop new tricks and to even be seen as a way to socialise in a park. Please always remember this is meant to be a fun game, so if it stops being fun, then stop playing.

There no limits to where this can played either, if you can skateboard then you can play a game of SKATE.  Lets explore the full process for how to play SKATE.

How to play SKATE on a skateboard
How to play SKATE on a skateboard

How to play SKATE

Playing “SKATE” in real life skateboarding is similar to playing the game of HORSE in basketball, where one player sets a trick, and the other player(s) attempt to match it.

Here’s how to play SKATE in real life skateboarding:

    1. The first player performs a trick of their choice.
    2. The second player attempts to replicate the trick. If they land it, they get to choose the next trick. If they fail, they receive the letter “S.”
    3. The first player then attempts to replicate the second player’s trick. If they land it, they get to choose the next trick. If they fail, they receive the letter “K.”
    4. The game continues in this way, with each player taking turns choosing a trick for the other player to attempt.
    5. If a player fails to land a trick, they receive a letter. Once a player has spelled out the word “SKATE,” they are out of the game.
    6. The last player remaining, who has not spelled out the word “SKATE,” is declared the winner.

Remember, safety is important when skateboarding. Always wear protective gear such as helmets, elbow pads, and knee pads, and make sure you have a safe and suitable place to play.

New to Skateboarding

If you’re new to skateboarding you could flip the game of SKATE on it’s head, and give letters for the trick landed rather than not landed. The result being whoever spells the word SKATE by landing tricks, is the winner.


In conclusion, the game “Skate” has become an essential part of the skateboarding culture and has helped to push the sport forward by challenging skateboarders to learn new tricks and push their limits. Its origins can be traced back to the early days of skateboarding in Southern California, where skateboarders would gather and challenge each other to perform new and difficult tricks. The game has since evolved and become a staple in the skateboarding community, and its influence can be seen in the sport today.

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